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Another day in paradise

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"Another Day in Paradise" Music, Chords and Lyrics on Youtube

Another Day in Paradise - Phil Collins 1989

Am7 = X02010
C = 332010
Cmaj7 = 332000
D = XX0232
Em = 022000
Em7 = 020000
G = 320003

Capo I

INTRO:  / Em7  D  Am7 / (4x)  

Em7                   D          Am7  
   She calls out to the man on the street  
Em7             D  
   "Sir can you help me?  
Em7                   D        Am7  
   It's cold and I've nowhere to sleep  
Em                         D  
   Is there somewhere you can tell me?"  

Em7                D              Am7  
   He walks on... doesn't look back  
Em7                    D  
   He pretends, he can't hear her  
Em7                       D              Am7  
   Starts to whistle as he crosses the street  
Em7                  D  
   She's embarrassed to be there...  

Em         D/E  
Oh, think twice  
         C7M/E                   D/E  
Cause it's another day for you and me in Paradise  
Em         D/E  
Oh, think twice  
         C7M/E              D       Em    D    C    Em7  
Cause it's another day for you... you and me in  Pa - ra - dise   
BRIDGE 1     
/ ( Em7 )  D  Am7 / (2x)  

{Just think about it}  
/ Em7   D  Am7 / (2x)  

Em7                   D          Am7  
   She calls out to the man on the street  
Em7                   D  
   He can see shes been crying  
Em7                       D                 Am7  
   She's got blisters on the soles of her feet  
Em7                       D  


D/F#       Em             D                     G  
    Oh, Lord... is there nothing - more... anybody... can do?  
    D/F#         Em                        D                    G  
     Oh-oh-oh, my Lord... there - must - be something... you can say  

Em7                    D             Am7  
   You can tell from the lines on her face  
Em7                    D  
   You can see that she's been there  
Em7                         D       Am7  
   Probably been moved on from ev-e-ry-place  
Em7                   D  
   Cause she didn't fit in there...  



ENDING (Repeat to end)
( Am7 )      Em7          D       Am7
It's just another day for you and me
   Em7       D    Am7
In paradise           (it's just a...)e

Artist name: Phil Collins

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