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Everything I Own

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Everything I Own ( David Gates )

D Db/D B/D A/D
You sheltered me from harm,
G Gb/G D A
kept me warm, kept me warm.
D Db/D B/D A/D
You gave my life to me,
G Gb/G D A
set me free, set me free.

Em G A Asus A
The finest years I ever knew
Em G A
were all the years I had with you.


G D Em A
And I would give anything I own,
G D Em A
Give up my life, my heart, my home.
G D Em A Asus A
I would give everything I own
just to have you back again.

End of Chorus:

D Db/D B/D A/D G Gb/G D A
You taught me how to love, what it's of, what it's of
D Bm
You never said too much but still you showed the way
and I knew, from watching you

Em G A
Nobody else could ever know
Em G A
the part of me that can't let go


Bm D
Is there someone you know, you're loving them so
Gmaj7 G
but taking them all for granted?
Em G
You may lose them one day, someone takes them away
and they don't hear the words you long to say.


just to touch you once again...

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