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3 - I call your name

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I call your name   ( Beatles )

F#7 E7 B7 (hold)


E7 C#7
I call your name but you're not there
F#7 B7
Was I to blame for being unfair
E7 C#7
Oh I can't sleep at night since you've been gone
F#7 A E
I never weep at night, I can't go on

Don't you know I can't take it
I don't know who can
I'm not going to make it
C B7
I'm not that kind of man.

E7 C#7
Oh I can't sleep at night but just the same
F#7 A E
I ever weep at night I call your name.
I call your name...

C#7= x43404

Artist name: Beatles - Past Master Vol.1

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