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I'll be home for Christmas

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I'll be home for Christmas

A = X02220
Bm = X24432
B7 = X21202
Cdim7 = X3454X
D = XX0232
Dm = XX0231
E = 022100
Em = 022000
E7 = 020100
F#m = 244222
F#7 = 242322

*** Capo 1 ***

A       Cdim7    A       E7
I'll be home for Christmas,
F#m       Em       Bm
You can count on  me
Dm          E7        A     F#m
Please have snow, and mistletoe,
    B7       D     E7
and presents on the tree

A         Cdim7          E7
Christmas Eve will find me,
F#m         Em       Bm
Where the love light gleams
D       Dm       A     F#7
I'll be home for Christmas,
   B7   Bm  E  A
If only in  my dreams

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Artist name: xmas

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