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It's all been done

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Barenaked Ladies : It's all been done

D G Em7 A7sus4 A7

       D       G    Em7                            A7sus4 A7      D         G       Em7                        A7sus4 A7
1. I met you before the fall of Rome               and I beg you to let me take you home
2. I knew you before the west was won          and I hear you say the past was much more fun
3. Alone and bored on a thirtiethcentury         night will I see you on The Price Is Right?
                 D        D+                                     D6                       D7
1. You were wrong I was right you said good bye I said good night
2. You go your way I'll go mine, but I'll see you next time
3. Will I cry Will I smile as you run down the aisle?

G                  Bm               G                       D              G                 Em                 A7
It's all been done Oo Hoo It's all been done Oh hoo It's all been done       Before

D                  D+                   D6                    D7                  G                 A7                               G/B                                                                         
If I put my fingers here and if I say "I love you dear" and if I play the same three cords will you just yawn
and say

Same as Verse
D G Em7 A7sus4 A7

Ending the Chorus 2x

Chords EADGBe
D XX0232
G 320033
Em7 020033
A7sus4 X02030
A7 X02020
D+ XX0332
D6 XX0202
D7 XX0212
Bm X24432
Em 022000
G/B X2X033

Artist name: Barenaked Ladies

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