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Let's go get stoned

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Joe Cocker - Let's go get stoned


        C       E7      A     Dm   C  F
          Let's go get stoned whoa-oh-oh
                G       C     G7
          Let's go get stoned

Verse 1:

        C7                  F7
          You know my baby     she won't let me in
        C7                        F7
          I've got a few pennies     I'm gonna buy a creamy bottle of gin
        C                   E7       A
           Then I'm gonna call my buddy
                      Dm        C      F
          on the telephone and say
                G       C     G7
          Let's go get stoned         


Verse 2:

        I been workin so hard all day long
        Everything I try to do always seems to turn out wrong
        Well that's why I wanna stop by   on my way home and say
        Let's go get stoned


    F7                Am
        Ain't no harm     to have a little taste
    F7                            C
        But don't blow your cool     and start messing up the man's place

        I tell you there ain't no harm my friend     
        to have a little nip now
    F7                     D7               G7
        Oh but don't you fall down and bust your lip  mmm, no, no

Artist name: Joe Cocker

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