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Let's Hang On!

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Let's Hang On! - The Four Seasons 1965
Written by Bob Crewe, S. Linzer & D. Randell

Am = X02210
B7 = X21202
Bm = X24432
C = X32010
D = XX0232
D7 = XX0212
E = 022100
Em = 022000
G = 320003
Gdim = XX5656

C-b = X35553
Dm-b = X57765
Db-b = X46664
Em-b = X79987
Ebm-b = X68876


G               B7          Em-b    Ebm-b Dm-b Db-b C-b
There ain't no good in our goodbye-in'
           E              Am
True love takes a lot of tryin'
Oh, I'm cryin'

    (fuzz guitar [4X]:)

     v   v   v   v

    (bass enters 3rd time:)

     v   v   v   v


C          G      C       G
Let's hang on to what we got
 C        G            C    D7   
Don't let go girl, we got a lot
      Am      D      Bm   Em
Got a lot of love between us
     Am                D
Hang on, hang on, hang on
            G    C6   G  C6   G  C6   G
To what we got  [doo-doo doo-doo doo-doo]

Verse 1:

 G                          D
You say you're gonna go and call it quits
       Am                         D
Gonna chuck it all and break our love to bits
          Am              D7
(Breakin' up) I wish you never said it
          Am                 D7
(Breakin' up) No, no, we'll both regret it
 G                         D
That little chip of diamond on your hand
         Am                     D7
Ain't a fortune, baby, but you know it stands
           Am             D7
(For your love) A love to try and bind us
         Am                  D7
(Such a love) We just can't leave behind us
 G                  Gdim
Baby (don't you go) Baby (oh no no)
Am                        D
Baby (think it over and stay)

[repeat chorus]

Horn break [2X]:

G           D          Am           D
/  /  /  /   /  /  /  /   /  /  /  /   /  /  /  /

Verse 2:

There isn't anything I wouldn't do
I'd pay any price to get in good with you
(Patch it up) Give me a second turnin'
(Patch it up) Don't cool off while I'm burnin'
You got me cryin', dyin' at your door
Don't shut me out, open your arms for
(Open up) Your arms I need to hold
(Open up) Your heart, oh girl, I told you
Baby (don't you go) Baby (oh no no)
Baby (think it over and stay)

[repeat chorus]


    [repeat horn break to fade]

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Artist name: The Four Seasons

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