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Mad Dog

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Mad Dog

A                              Dbm7           A                                     D
Through the darkness I see you again  Watch my temperature rise
B7                      E                     Bm7                          E         A
Can't believe my eyes, don't tell me  I've had way too much tonight
A                      Dbm7                 A                      D
Drank the potion stronger than me     Got me all confused
B7                   E                              Bm7                           E         A
Why you so amused, don't tell me      You've had way too much tonight

F        C     Dm7  G  C           F    C  Dm7  G   Csus4 C
Please don't tell me no          God, I  miss you so
F   C     Dm7 G      C           F    C  Dm7  G   Csus4 C  B7 E
One thing you should know        God, I  love you so,      oh

A  Dbm7 A  D  B7  E              Bm7             E      A
              Had way too much tonight

A                     Dbm7                 A                            D
I'm a mad dog at times like these     Don't know where to turn
B7                  A        A+            D                       E          D     A
Ain't the time to learn my lesson     I've had way too much tonight
D         B7        A        A+                  D                  E
Ain't the time to learn my lesson     I've had way too much to-
Bm7           E                               Bm7                 E      D     A
Really too much to-                   I've had way too much tonight

Artist name: America

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