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Make it with you

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Make it with you -     Bread 1970
Written by David Gates
Soft Rock

A = X02220
Aadd9 = 077600
B = X24442
B7sus4 = X21200
B9sus4 = 222222
C# = X46664
E = 022100
Esus4 = 022200
Emaj7 = 066400
F#m = 244222
F#m11 = 044200
G#m = 466444

Intro:     Emaj7 - F#m11     2x

 Emaj7           F#m11                           
     Hey, have you ever tried
 Emaj7                          F#m11             
     Really reaching out for the other side?
 A                   G#m                    
  I may be climbing on rainbows
   F#m                   B9sus4 = 222222         
But baby here it goes.     
 Emaj7                  F#m11                     
     Dreams, they're for those who sleep,
 Emaj7          F#m11                              
     Life is for us to keep
 And if you're wondering what this
 G#m             C#    B7sus4                      
   All is leading to
     I want to make it with    you
 F#m11                         Emaj7            Aadd9/Emaj7/F#m11/A   
    I really think that we can make it girl.    

 Emaj7         F#m11                              
    No you don't  know me well
 Emaj7                     F#m11                 
    Every little thing only time will tell
 A                                    G#m  
  If you believe the things that I do
         F#m                    B9sus4 = 222222        
And we'll see it through.     
 Emaj7         F#m11                              
    Life can be short or long,
 Emaj7          F#m11                             
     Love can be right or wrong
And  if i choose the one I'd
 G#m               C#                        
    Like to help me through
 B7sus4                       Emaj7                
      I'd like to make it with you
 F#m11                          Emaj7            Aadd9/Emaj7/F#m11/A  
   I really think that we could make it girl.    

Break:     Emaj7 - F#m11 - Emaj7 - F#m11 - B - Esus4 - E

 B9sus4// A/                                     
      Baby you know that,
 Emaj7              F#m11                        
     Dreams there for  those who sleep
 Emaj7          F#m11                            
     Life is for  us to keep
 A                          G#m             C#
  And if i choose the one I'd  like to help me  through
 B7sus4                      Emaj7                 
      I'd like to make it with  you
 F#m11                         Emaj7             
    I really think that we can make it girl.

Outro: F#m11 - Emaj7 //

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Artist name: Bread

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