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11 - Mean mr Mustard

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Mean Mr Mustard ( Beatles )

E E7
Mean Mr Mustard sleeps in the park
Shaves in the dark, trying to save paper
B B7 C7 Db7 D7
Sleeps in a hole in the road
D D7 Db7 C7 B7
Saving up to buy his new clothes
Keeps a ten bob note up his nose
E C7 B7 E C7 B7
Such a mean old man, mean old man

E E7
His sister Pam works in a shop
She never stops she's a go-get up
B B7 C7 Db7 D7
Takes him out to look at the Queen
D7 Db7 C7 B7
Only place that he's ever been

Always shouts out something obscene
E C7 B7 E C7 B7
Such a dirty old man, dirty old man

B7 C7 Db7 D A E, D A E

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