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Please Come Home For...

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Please Come Home For Christmas

A = X02220
A7 = X02020
Amaj7 = X02120
B7 = X21202
C#7 = X35353
D = XX0232
Dm = XX0231
E = 022100
E7 = 020100
E+ = 032110
F#m = 244222
F#dim = XX1212

intro:    [A E F# C#]    (single notes on piano)

verse 1:
               A     Amaj7              A7
Bells will be ringing     the sad, sad news
            D                   B7/Eb
Oh what a Christmas to have the blues
           A   D             A    A/G#  F#m
My baby's gone   I have no friends
            B7              E   E+
To wish me greetings once again

verse 2:

               A     Amaj7              A7
Crowds will be singing "Silent Night"
            D                   B7/Eb
Christmas carols by candlelight
           A   D             A    A/G#  F#m
Please come home for Christmas, please come home for Christmas
            B7       E7                A     A7
If not for Christmas,   by New Year's night


               D               Dm
Friends and relations send salutations
A            E+           A7
Sure as the stars shine above
               D                      Dm
But this is Christmas, yes, Christmas my dear
            B7                           E    E+
The time of year to be with the one you love

verse 3:

               A     Amaj7              A7
So won't you tell me you'll never more roam
            D                   B7/Eb
Christmas and New Year's will find you home
                      A    C#7               F#m F#m/E D F#dim
There'll be no more sorrow,    no grief and pain
             A    F#m      B7     E7    A          E+
And I'll be happy,    Christmas once again

[repeat verse 3 with guitar solo over first two lines]

           A   D     A   [A E F# C#]   (single notes on piano)
    [...again] / / / /

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