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Run baby run

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Run baby run - Sheryl Crow 1993
Written by Bill Bottrell, David Bearwald & Sheryl Crow
Pop Rock

A7 = X02020
Am7 = X02010
Am7/G = 302010
B = X24442
Bb = X13331
C7 = X32310
D = XX0232
E = 022100
Esus4 = 022200
F = 133211
F#m = 244222
G#m = 466444

        E                                           G#m
She was born in November 1963 - the day that Aldous Huxley died
And her mama believed that every man could be free
G#    A7
So her mama got high, high, high
B      C7
And her daddy marched on Birmingham Singing mighty protest songs
Am7                                                         /G
And he pictured all the places Where he knew that she'd belong
       F                               Bb                             B
But he failed and taught her young The only thing she'd need to carry on
He taught her how to

E                 C#m               G#m    B
Run                  C#m               G#m    B
Run baby run baby run baby run baby run
         A7                             C7
Past the arms of the familiar And their talk of better days
       A7                                 C7                      D     B
To the comfort of the strangers, Slipping out before they say "so long"
Baby loves to run

She counts out all her money
In the taxi on the way to meet her plane
And stares hopeful out the window
At the workers fighting through the pouring rain
And she's searching through the stations
For an unfamiliar song
And she's thinking 'bout the places
That she knows she still belongs
She smiles the secret smile because she knows exactly how to carry on

So run baby run baby run baby run
Baby run

From the old familiar faces
And their old familiar ways
To the comfort of the strangers
Slipping out before they say so long
Baby loves to run

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Artist name: Sheryl Crow

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