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Shine on you crazy diamond

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Shine on you crazy diamond


A = X02220
B = X24442
Bm = X24432
C#7 = X46464
C#m = X46654
D = XX0232
D/C# = X40232
E = 022100
F = 133211
F#dim = XX1212
F#m = 244222
Faug = XX3221

F#m                                    F                        A
    Remember when you were young,         you shone like the sun,
D    D/C#     Bm     A    E
Shine on you craaaaaazy diamond,
F#m                                    F                          A
Now theres a look in your eye,           like black holes in the sky,
D      D/C#     Bm     A    E   
Shine on you craaaaaazy diamond,
         F#m                              Faug
You were caught in the crossfire,     of childhood and stardom,
A                   B           D                      D#dim
Blown on the steeeel breeze,     come on you target, for far away laughter,
A                       C#m         C#7         F#m
Come on you stranger you legend you martyr and shine !

Guitar solo Chords
F#m    F     A    D C#m Bm A E

    F#m                                   F                     A
You reached for the secret too soon,         you cried for the moon,
D    D/C#     Bm     A    E
Shine on you craaaaaazy diamond,
F#m                                 F                     A
Threatened by shadows at night,      when exposed in the light,
D    D/C#     Bm     A    E     
Shine on you craaaaaazy diamond,
         F#m                                   Faug        
Well you wore out your welcome,          with random precision,
A                   B            D                        D#dim
Blown on the steeeel breeze,      come on you raver,    you seer of visions,
A                      C#m        C#7           F#m
Come on you painter you piper you prisoner and shine !

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Artist name: Pink Floyd

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