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Something stupid

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Something Stupid  ( Sinatra )

Standard Tuning

Chords used
Bb x1333x
Bb6 x13333
Bbmaj7 x13231
C7 x32310
Cm7 x35343
C9 x32333
Dm7 xx0211
F 133211
F7 131211
F6 xx3231
Fmaj7 xx3210
G7 320001
Gm7 353333

Lyrics & Chords
I [F]know I stand in [F6]line until you
[Fmaj7]think you have the [F]time to spend an
[Gm7]evening with [C9]me[Gm7][C9]
And [Gm7]if we go some [C7]place to dance, I
[Gm7]know that there's a [C7]chance you won't be
[Fmaj7]leaving with m[F6]e[Fmaj7][F6]

Then [F7]afterwards we [Cm7]drop into a
[F7]quiet little place and have a [Bb]drink or two[Bb6][Bbmaj7][Bb6]
And [C7]then I go and spoil it all by
[Gm7]saying something [C7]stupid like: I [C7/F]love [F]you

I can [F]see it in your [Cm7]eyes that you de-
[F7]spise the same old lies you heard the
[Bb]night be[Bb6]fore[Bbmaj7][Bb6]
And [Gm7]though it's just a [Dm7]line to you, for
[Gm7]me it's true it never seemed so
[C7]right before

I [F]practice every [F6]day to find some
[Fmaj7]clever lines to [F]say to make the
[Gm7]meaning come [C9]through
But [Gm7]then I think I[C7]'ll wait until the
[Gm7]evening gets [C7]late and I'm a-
[Fmaj7]lone with you[F6][Fmaj7][F6]

The [F7]time is right, your [Cm7]perfume fills my
[F7]head, the stars get red and oh, the
[Bb]night is so blue[Bb6][Bbmaj7][Bb6]
And [C7]then I go and spoil it all, by
[Gm7]saying something [C7]stupid like: I [C7/F]love [F]you

Artist name: Frank Sinatra

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