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Walk Like A Man

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Walk Like A Man - The Four Seasons 1963
Written by Bob Crewe & Bob Gaudio
Rock & Roll

A = X02220
D = XX0232
E = 022100
G = 320003
Gbm = 244222

Capo I

A D 7x
A    D      A   E
Walk like a man

A           D        A              D
Oh, how you tried to cut me down to size
A             D          A     D
Tellin' dirty lies to my friends
    A      D            A                  D
But my own father said "Give her up, don't bother
    A           D            A
The world isn't comin' to an end"
(He said)
D           G    D           G
Walk like a man, Talk like a man
D           Gbm        E   A
Walk like a man my son
D          G     D               G
No woman's worth Crawlin' on the earth
   D           Gbm       G  E   A
So walk like a man, my son

A D A  D
A D A  E

A       D       A            D
Bye bye baby, I don't-a mean maybe
A          D        A  D
Gonna get along somehow
A              D           A                 D
Soon you'll be cryin' On account of all your lyin'
   A          D                   A
Oh yeah, just look who's laughin' now

(I'm gonna)

D           G    D         G
Walk like a man, Fast as I can
D           Gbm         E    A
Walk like a man from you
D             G      D                G
I'll tell the world "forget about it, girl"
    D           Gbm       G  E   A
And walk like a man from you

A D A D A D  2x

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Artist name: The Four Seasons

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