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What kind of fool

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What kind of fool - Barbra Streisand - Barry Gibb 1981
Written by Barry Gibb & Albhy Galuten

Am7 = X02010
Amaj7 = X02120
Bm7 = X24232
C#7 = X46464
C#m7 = X46454
Cmaj7 = X32000
D = XX0212
Dmaj7 = XX0222
E = 022100
Emaj7 = 021100
F#7 = 242322
F#m7 = 242222
Gmaj7 = XX5432
G#m7 = 464444

INTRO:  Dmaj7-Gmaj7 (2x)
        Cmaj7-Bm7, Am7, Gmaj7

Dmaj7                         Gmaj7
There was a time when we were down and out.
Dmaj7                          Gmaj7
There was a place when we were starting over.
We let the bough break.
Bm7                  Am7
We let the heartache in;
Who's sorry now?

Dmaj7                          Gmaj7
There was a world when we were standing still.
Dmaj7                    Gmaj7
And for a moment we were separated
And then you found her
Bm7                Am7
You let a stranger in..
Who's sorry now?

F#m7        Emaj7            
Who's sorry now?

Amaj7                   G#m7                    
What, what kind of fool tears it apart
Leaving me pain and sorrow?
      Amaj7      G#m7    
Oh, losin' you now wondering why ( How can I win)
Where will I be tomorrow?

Amaj7                         E/G    C#m7
Forever wondrin' what we are to be.
Dmaj7           E
Without each other.
F#m7         C#m7       D
We'll be remembering when...

Repeat I

F#m7        Emaj7
Who's sorry now?



Dmaj7         E/D                  F#m   E D
Was there a moment when I cut you down? (No)
               C#m Bm7
Played around? What have I done?
I only apologize.   
Dmaj7      E/D
For being, as they say,
      F#m        E-D             C#m7 - Bm7
the last to know, it has to show...
           C#7          Dmaj7
When someone is in your eyes

Repeat Chorus 2x using the ff chords:

Dmaj7, C#m7, F#7

then FADE...

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Artist name: Barry Gibb, Barbra Streisand

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