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You make me feel brand new

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You make me feel brand new - The Stylistics 1974
Written by Thom Bell and Linda Creed

Am = X02210
Am7 = X02010
Amaj7 = X02120
B7 = X21202
Bm = X24432
Bm7 = X24232
Bsus4 = X24432
Cm = X35543

Cmaj7 = X21000
D = XX0232
D7 = XX0212
E = 022100
Em = 022000
F#m7 = 242222
G = 320003
G#m7 = 464444
Intro: Amaj7, F#m7, G#m7, F#m7, G#m7, Amaj7 (2X)
         Amaj7////// G#m7/ F#m7/ Amaj7/...
My love                
     Am                       E
I'll never find the words, my love
   Am                      E                      
To tell you how I feel, my love              
     G#m7        F#m7   Bsus4 B7
Mere words could not explain

Am7 D7   G                     
Precious love    
     Cm                      G
You held my life within your hands
  Cm                 G    
Created everything I am               
  Cm                  G
Taught me how to live again

Only you    
Em7                      Bm
Care when I needed a friend
   Em7                              Am7
Believed in me through thick and thin
Cmaj7            Bm7
This song is for you
Am7             Bm7        Am7   D
Filled with gratitude and love

Am7 D7    Cmaj7   
God bless you    
Am7                    Bm7
You make me feel brand new
    Am7         D7      Cmaj7 Am7     
For God blessed me with you   
You make me feel brand new
  Am7       D7          Cmaj7      (Cmaj7) Bm7 Am7
I sing this song 'cause you
Am7                G
Make me feel brand new

 (G)     Cm       E

My love    
   Am               E
Whenever I was insecure
    Am                      E                
You built me up and made me sure     
    G#m7    F#m7          B7
You gave my pride back to me

Am7 D7   G                     
Precious friend                
     Cm                       G
With you I'll always have a friend
       Cm                  G   
You're someone who I can depend       
    Cm                        G
To walk a path that sometimes bends

Without you                
Em                       Bm
Life has no meaning or rhyme
     Em                     Am7
Like notes to a song out of time             
Cmaj7        Bm7
How can I repay
Am7             Bm7     Am7   D
You for having faith in me
 Am7  D7  Cmaj7   
God bless you    
Am7                     Bm7
 You make me feel brand new
    Am7         D7      Cmaj7           
For God blessed me with you  
Am7                     Bm7
 You make me feel brand new
   Am7       D7       Cmaj7
 I sing this song for you

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